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Town wins Traffic Safety Award from County

Pittsford Traffic Safety Award presentation by Monroe County - group photo

A Message from Town Supervisor Bill Smith:


My thanks to the Monroe County Traffic Safety Board for visiting me at Town Hall last Friday to present Pittsford with the Monroe County Traffic Safety Board Community Service Award.

The award recognizes Pittsford’s commitment to continual improvement in this area. Our traffic safety improvements include safer crosswalks, reduced speed limits on Town roads, our new Safe Routes to School sidewalks and other successfully completed sidewalks, our efforts to improve safety at the intersection of Clover Street and Jefferson Road, our joint Town-Village Active Transportation Plan, our continuing successful cooperation with the County Sheriff’s Office.

A welcome recognition, but we don’t rest on our laurels. I’ve made improving pedestrian and traffic safety a priority for a reason: because it requires our continual attention.

Presenting the award, from left to right, are:

Tim Henry, Deputy Director of Public Safety and County Emergency Manager, Monroe County; Richard V. Tantalo, Director of Public Safety, Monroe County; Mark Philippy, Chair, Monroe County Traffic Safety Board; Lindsay Tomidy, Office of Traffic Safety Supervisor and NY STOP-DWI Coordinator, Monroe County; Kristina Daugherty, Principal Central Police Administrator, Monroe County.