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Town wins $540K grant for Mendon-Thornell sidewalk

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The Town has won a grant of $540,000 to construct a concrete sidewalk that connects two existing sidewalks on Mendon Road and Thornell Road. The new section of sidewalk will cover approximately 3,500 feet and will meet ADA requirements.   Town Supervisor Bill Smith informed members of the Town Board at their meeting Tuesday night that the Town had applied for and won this grant.  

“Filling the gap between one sidewalk and the next will make it safer for students to walk to Pittsford Mendon High School and Thornell Road Elementary School, and for all pedestrians. This sidewalk will also make it easier and safer to walk to Thornell Farm Park, the Town’s most active park,” the Supervisor observed.

In applying for this funding, the Town proposed this site as best fitting the qualifications for the grant.  It is on a State Road, it meets criteria for the State’s Safe Routes to School program and it completes a contiguous and safe walkway all the way into Pittsford Village.

In addition, once completed it will provide a connection point to future sidewalk projects further south in the Town.  

The funds were awarded through a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Grant from the NYS Department of Transportation. TAP grants provide funding for programs and projects that support transportation alternatives, including pedestrian facilities, infrastructure projects for improving non-driver access, enhanced mobility, and safe routes to school.


Map of Mendon-Thornell sidewalk project area