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Town expands tax exemptions for seniors and disabled citizens with limited income

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The Town of Pittsford has expanded eligibility for its tax exemptions for seniors and the disabled with limited income.  The Town Board’s vote on February 6, 2024 raised the income limit to $58,400, thereby making seniors and disabled persons with annual income less than $58,400 eligible for the exemption.  This represents the full extent of income eligibility for the exemption permitted by State law.  Previously the annual income limit to qualify for the exemption was $37,400.  

For an eligible resident with a home assessed at the average home value in Pittsford of $300,000, and annual income of $50,000 or less, this means a saving of $471 per year on the homeowner’s Town tax.  

The exemption is applied on a sliding scale based on income.  Homeowners with annual income less than $50,000 are eligible for the full 50% Town tax exemption.  The percentage of exemption decreases on a sliding scale as income increases, with the exemption phasing out altogether for homeowners with annual income of $58,400 or greater.  

This year’s filing deadline for the tax exemption is Friday, March 1, 2024.  Those who will be 65 years of age or older by December 31, 2024, or who have been awarded Social Security disability, and whose 2022 Adjusted Gross Income is less than $58,400 may qualify. 

““This tax exemption can help our seniors and disabled members of our community to remain in their homes and ease their financial burden,” said Pittsford Town Supervisor Bill Smith. “We encourage anyone who may think they qualify to check the information on our Town Assessor’s web page. Those with further questions can contact our Assessor’s Office directly.”  

When determining eligibility for this exemption, income considered is adjusted gross income for federal income tax purposes plus total Social Security benefits and any tax-exempt interest or dividends received. It does not include distribution received from individual retirement accounts. 

Those who think they may qualify can find the applications for seniors (Form RP-467) and for disabled persons (Form RP-459), with instructions, on the Assessor’s web page of the Town of Pittsford website at Those with further questions can contact the Town Assessor’s Office at (585) 248-6230 office by or before March 1, 2024.

“Pittsford’s policy as stated in our Comprehensive Plan is to help seniors, who have contributed to the vitality our community for decades, to remain here in Pittsford during their retirement years.  We welcome the opportunity to take this step in support of disabled residents as well,” said Supervisor Smith.  “This new expansion of the Town tax exemption supports both.”

Seniors and persons on Social Security Disability may contact the Town Assessor’s Office at (585) 248-6230 office for further information. The applications, with instructions, can be found on the Assessor’s web page of the Town of Pittsford website at  The Assessor’s Office is in Pittsford Town Hall at 11 South Main Street.

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The Town of  Pittsford offers a variety of social, health and educational programs for senior citizens through its Senior Programs Office at the Spiegel Pittsford Community Center. Senior programs information can be found at The Community Center is located at 25 Lincoln Avenue.