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May 6-13: Pittsford Town Board Meeting & Ted Spall Interview

Pittsford Channel 12

Pittsford programming May 6 - May 13 on TV-12 Spectrum Digital Channel 1303 features the first Pittsford Town Board meeting for May. Other programming this week includes a "Pittsford Personalities" interview with Ted Spall by Town Historian Audrey Johnson - as well as Pittsford announcements and information.

Pittsford programming on Channel 12 for 5/6 – 5/13:

  • 1:15am/pm:  Town of Pittsford Zoning Update Meeting 3/23/2022
  • 7:00am/pm:  Pittsford Town Board Meeting 5/3/2022
  • 11:00am/pm:  Pittsford Personalities with Audrey Johnson: Ted Spall

Our local cable TV-12 Channel 1303 broadcast format provides you with Pittsford programming at various times throughout the day! A weekly program schedule and a continuous live feed of TV-12 programming on Spectrum Channel 1303 are now available on the Pittsford Town website’s Cable TV-12 page. Current Pittsford community announcements can be found there as well.

The TV-12 Channel 1303 schedule repeats each day for one week, Thursday through Wednesday; a new schedule is updated every week. To provide multiple opportunities for viewing, programming is “mirrored” each day – a show that runs at 10AM will also run at 10PM. As time permits, programs may be shown again the following week. The live scheduling/broadcast format combines Pittsford, East Rochester and Fairport programs and announcements.