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Food Scraps Recycling program registration now under way for Pittsford households

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11/15/23 UPDATE: participation for this pilot program is now full.


Take a hands-on opportunity to support an energy-sustainable future and send less refuse to the landfill – sign up for the Pittsford Residents Food Scraps Recycling program! A pilot program with Monroe County, our Food Scraps Recycling program is open to 500 Pittsford households.  Registration is under way now – use our online registration form to sign up. 

Participating Pittsford residents will separate and collect their household's food scraps and organic kitchen waste and drop it off at the Town's collection site at the Town Dog Park. The scraps will be picked up as part of the County's pilot program and will be processed in an anaerobic digester – an air-tight chamber that uses bacteria to "digest" (break down) the organic matter, producing natural gas that can be used to generate electricity. The electricity produced will be used by the processor and sold back to the grid.  What food waste can you recycle?  See our Food Scraps Recycling Info card for details.

We’ll provide lidded and labeled buckets to contain food waste and participants will receive program guidelines and information. Food waste pick up begins September 18.  See more information on our Food Scraps Recycling web page at