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Stop #27

When the trolley came through Pittsford Village, this location was known as Stop 27. (For a short time there was a shop at this location known by this name.) That number is no longer used by this address but is known as #33.

The building that was erected there originally was constructed about 1814 or before. A Mr. Lockwood built the building and had a general store there for a while. It was sold then to Mr. Sadden who had a news and ice cream store at that spot. There was also a meat market in the rear run by Al Buckler in which was located a meat locker and was later used for storage when the building's usage changed.

The little store on the south side was used as the Post Office for a short time until it was moved to the east side of the street. That is probably where the little boutique is located today next to Pittsford Florist that is situated in what was once Hegendorfer's Plumbing and Tin Shop.

In 1914 the building, known as the Newcomb Block, was remodeled and smaller buildings were combined into one. A number of businesses found space in it including a haberdashery, George Hicks' insurance business on the second floor, and the ice cream store known as the Pittsford Sweet Shoppe managed by Peter Koroupes and his brother-in-law, George Poulos. That shop served lunches, as well as homemade candies and ice cream. One of its former employees (in the 1940's) remembers helping make ribbon candy at holiday time and loading hot fudge sauce over the top of 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream and adding crushed nuts and homemade whipped cream topped with a cherry! "George's" stayed open longer that the other ice cream store and it was a great hangout for kids after the home basketball games.

In the 1940's, the insurance office closed and it became Olive's hair salon. Olive also lived with her teenaged daughter in a one bedroom apartment on the upper level and Dr. George Jackson, a dentist occupied the remaining space on the end. #29 South Main Street became a barbershop whose proprietor was known to everyone as "Red the Barber". Red remained in that business and location until the business changed hands and became Sandy's. Edna Neighbor had a dress shop whose address was #33. Edna lived on State Street and was involved in the Pittsford Women's Professional Club, acting as its president for many years. A market called Middletons was in the next space for a short while and then a small IGA occupied the space, but found the competition with Burdett's too much to handle. To complete the block up to the corner of Lincoln Ave. was the Tin Shop and then later became Russell's Jewelry Store.

Today most of what was the "Newcomb Block" has been purchased by Nothnagle Realtors and houses about 35 real estate agents with the Barber Shop still in the space in the middle. There is no more Stop 27 and in fact there is no address of 27 South Main Street.