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The history of Long Meadow – Part 1

Many people drive past the entrance to Long Meadow as they head toward the village of Pittsford without realizing the history that lies in that area between French Road and the canal bridge.

In the early 1900's, the "Avenue" was a two-lane dirt road shaded by an occasional tree with scattering of houses along the way. The trolley system, which ran adjacent to the avenue, brought people from downtown Rochester to the village of Pittsford and beyond. It wasn't long before people were attracted to the area, the first subdivision in Monroe County.

Long Meadow is a unique area because of its large lots and the many architectural styles of homes that are represented in the neighborhood. Among the varied styles are bungalows, cottage-style and colonial revival, such as the brick home at 191 Long Meadow Circle. Located at 212 Westbrook Road is an art deco house built completely of Portland cement, including the beams that support this international-style house. A Sears Roebuck prefab California bungalow type house can be found at 4 Westbrook Road.

In 1969, Mrs. Conner, a long time resident of 200 East Brook Road, gathered material to be presented at a Long Meadow Club meeting. Her noteworthy documentation on some of the early history of Long Meadow is well worth repeating.

Mr. Calkins built one of the first houses in the tract for himself at 80 Long Meadow Circle. Another house, known as the Twin Gables, was built by Mr. Pratt at 3577 Monroe Ave. The Gates house, at 41 Westbrook Road, and the Duryea house at 189 East Brook Road were constructed about 1912.

The house on the south side of the pond on East Brook Road was built in 1911 but caught fire when the family was leaving for church on Sunday morning. Many neighbors formed a bucket brigade in an unsuccessful effort to save the house. Mr. Pierce Rylott rebuilt this house that was later purchased by Mr. Arthur Rochow.

Mr. Rochow was the inventor of the Swirl Mixer as well as other gadgets that still bear his name. The house at 35 Long Meadow was built in 1914 and Mickie Berge, who lives there now, is only the third owner.

This article was submitted by Historic Pittsford members Jean Ferris and John Parker, as well as Long Meadow residents.