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Fire Safety Tips

A household fire moves quickly.  Taking precautions to prevent fire and having a fire emergency plan in place can make a critical difference to your family. 

Practice prevention. Keep flammable materials away from heat sources and open flames. Never leave a heat source, fire or flame unattended, whether in a fireplace, fire pit, grill, on the stovetop or in an oven. That goes for space heaters too. Install and regularly test smoke detectors in different areas of your home. Replace damaged cords or outlets promptly. Avoid overloading electrical circuits. Regularly inspect and maintain electrical wiring, outlets, and appliances. Keep fire extinguishers in easily accessible locations, and make sure everyone in your household knows how to use them.

Have a plan. Be sure your family members know how to take action in the event of a fire. Develop a fire escape plan for your household and practice it regularly. Get your kids involved! Identify multiple escape routes from each room. Designate a meeting point outside the house. Teach your children how to dial emergency services. Knowing how to exit your home swiftly during a fire can save lives. 

Support our firefighters. Collective community effort saves lives. The Pittsford Fire Department is comprised of about 75 volunteers who respond to over 800 calls a year to help Pittsford residents – and they always are in need of more help. 

Joining a volunteer fire department can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. The opportunity to serve your community while actively learning and responding to emergencies is not only valuable for personal growth, but also crucial for ensuring public safety. Furthermore, becoming a volunteer firefighter allows you to gain valuable skills and knowledge, develop strong leadership qualities, and make lifelong friendships within the fire service community. For more information contact the Pittsford Fire Department at (585) 586-3021 or

Of course not all of us are in a position to become volunteer firefighters.  But we can all support our Pittsford Volunteer Fire Department by donating at or by sending a contribution to Pittsford Volunteer Fire Association, 8 Monroe Avenue, Pittsford, NY 14534. 

Prevention, proactive planning, and knowing the appropriate actions to take during a fire are the best ways to reduce risk for yourself and your family in case of emergency. Take the necessary steps today to protect your home and loved ones from fire hazards.