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COVID-19 Coronavirus Information

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Spiegel Pittsford Community Center: building is closed and all programs canceled until further notice.
Pittsford Community Library: building is closed and all programs canceled until further notice, online resources available at For virtual children’s programming check the Library’s Facebook page The Book Drop return area is closed.  All items checked out after February 3 will now have a due date of May 18 and can be returned then. For other updates visit the Library’s Updates page at 
Town Hall: building is closed to the public until further notice but remains staffed to handle business online and by mail, phone, email and the “drop slot” to the right of the front door of Town Hall.
All Town Playgrounds: are closed until further notice as it is not possible to keep equipment appropriately sanitized after every use.
All Town Parks: all athletic fields and courts are closed to all groups of any size; trails and walkways remain accessible.
Thornell Farm Park: all athletic fields and courts are closed; the trails remain accessible.
King's Bend Park Lodges and the Mile Post School: are closed to the public until further notice, as these sites are being used as Public Works crew operation centers.
Town Clerk: All services of the Town Clerk are available online, by mail, phone and email. If necessary, an appointment can be arranged. Contact at 248-6214 or, mail materials to Pittsford Town Clerk's Office, 11 South Main Street, Pittsford NY 14534. Services info at
Building Department: Interior inspections and permits for occupied homes are suspended until further notice. Permits and inspections will not be issued or performed for projects that include interior work of an occupied home or business. This typically includes, but is not limited to, finished basements, interior renovations and fireplace inserts. Permits and inspections for exterior construction and construction of additions where there is a direct entrance to the addition are available by appointment only; call 248-6250 or email Mark Lenzi at or Allen Reitz at
Town Court: By order of the Chief Administrative Judge of the State of New York, Town Court is closed until further notice.
Town Public Works: Highway, Sewer and Parks Departments: All operations continue. Crews in these departments are following hygiene and social distancing protocols in light of the COVID-19 threat.
Monroe County Services at Town facilities: The County has suspended until further notice Passport Services at Town Hall and Mobile DMV service at Pittsford Town Court. Per the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles, all driver licenses, learner permits, non-driver identification cards and vehicle registrations scheduled to expire on or after March 1, 2020 are extended until further notice and all temporary registration documents are valid until further notice. This extension does NOT apply to insurance coverage - motor vehicle liability insurance coverage must be maintained at all times during the extension period. The extension does NOT apply to vehicle inspections, which expire on the last day of the month indicated on the inspection sticker.


Update from Supervisor Bill Smith - 4/3/20

THE CURENT SITUATION: Friday, April 3, 2020 4:30pm
Support for Healthcare Providers

One of the most important steps each of us can take to support and protect our nurses, doctors and other people working to care for us is to observe the basic COVID-19 protocols: STAY HOME and maintain social distancing. We owe them this much at least.

Today St. John Fisher College advised me that it has offered residential accommodation to healthcare workers from Rochester Regional Health who are well, but who want to avoid going home between shifts because they have compromised people at home. The college is making this housing available for up to 13 healthcare workers.

Thank you, St. John Fisher President Gerry Rooney, your trustees and staff, from a grateful community.

At the Town level, today I suspended the Town’s restrictions on recreational vehicles in residential driveways. There are doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers here in Pittsford who are bringing their RVs home to stay in them, as a way of keeping distance from their families. That’s enough of a sacrifice already, on top of the other sacrifices they’re making for all of us. We don’t need to give them a hard time about parking their RVs.

Wash your hands.

Stay home.

Stay well.

Update from Supervisor Bill Smith - 3/30/20

THE CURENT SITUATION: Monday, March 30, 12:00noon
We're all adjusting to changes in everyday life we couldn't have imagined just weeks ago. As all of us adapt -- each of us in our homes and businesses and we at Town Hall -- the central mandate of the crisis prevails: maintain social distancing.

If you don't have to go out to work in an essential function, stay home. Stay home except to get essential items like food or medicine. Make those trips as few and as short as possible. Make a list in advance. Wipe down the shopping cart, touch screens and touch pads before and after use. Use the self-checkout lane when you can.

Stay home except for volunteer work where you follow the social distancing standards.

Stay home except for necessary outdoor exercise, for you and your pets. Keep your distance. No group sports. No group gatherings.

Town playgrounds are closed. Thornell Farm Park is closed. Town trails remain open. Keep your 6 foot distance from others when you walk on the trails.

Even after closing Thornell, Town staff have had to disperse people playing group sports there and elsewhere. They've had to replace barriers around the playgrounds that people have pulled down. Folks -- what more can I say?

As one state governor put it the other day: We're not being graded on a curve for social distancing. We won't get an A or a B or whatever. This is Pass-Fail. Fail means you can die. Or a loved one can. Or someone can whom you've never met, who otherwise would have lived.

“If you’re going to practice intense social distancing, it really means avoiding or limiting contact with people outside of your family, and really staying home most of the time, unless you really need to go out,” says Dr. Maria Ciminelli, president of the New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians. “But any prolonged kind of engagement outside is really still not social distancing, having that prolonged contact with people that are not in your family."

By Friday my Department Heads and I had reduced on-site staffing of Town personnel even further than it stood after we complied with the Governor's orders on staffing. Every trip out of the house increases the risk of getting COVID-19 or spreading it.

You can conduct business with the Town Clerk's office by phone and by email. Taxes may be paid by mail and by delivery through the drop slot to the immediate right of the front door of Town Hall.

Our highway, sewer, parks and maintenance crews are at work on your behalf. We've divided each operational department into discrete "cells" of people who already had been working in proximity with one another. Each has its own separate Town building as its headquarters; each operates in accordance with all COVID-19 protocols.

You can reach me seven days a week by phone or email. 248-6220;

Wash your hands.

Stay home.

Stay well.

Update from Supervisor Bill Smith - 3/23/20


Here’s what "social distancing" means: it means staying at least 6 feet away from anybody else.

It doesn’t mean “unless you’re playing soccer.” It doesn’t mean there are exempt areas where this standard doesn’t apply. Like parks, for example.

Therefore, here’s what groups of people playing soccer all weekend long in Thornell Farm Park means: Thornell Farm Park is now closed, effective immediately.

The Governor’s recent Executive Order states as follows: “All non-solitary outside activity, like outdoor basketball games and other team sports, is banned.”

Trails through Thornell Farm Park remain accessible.

If prohibited activity transfers to the other Town Parks, they will be closed as well.

Update from Supervisor Bill Smith - 3/21/20


Our parks are open, but playgrounds in Pittsford are closed. There's no possible way to sanitize every swing, slide and every other piece of playground equipment after every use. The only responsible choice is to close. Town crews will be replacing any current signage at playgrounds that suggests they may be used, and will take other measures as well. But, sign or no sign, Town playgrounds in Pittsford are now closed.

Update from Supervisor Bill Smith - 3/20/20

THE CURENT SITUATION: Wednesday, March 20, 4:55pm
I was concerned to learn that a soccer game with adult players apparently took place the other night at Thornell Farm Park. It’s a disappointment that some people will ignore so blithely the need to keep our distance from one another. Today Governor Cuomo beat me to the punch and banned all non-solitary outside activity, such as soccer, basketball games and other team sports.

Keeping our distance is critical to saving lives by slowing the spread of the virus and reducing the strain on our health system. Pittsford has an extensive system of trails and sidewalks for recreation and exercise – ideally suited for the demands of the moment.

The Governor also ordered the closing of all non-essential businesses across the state. Essential services remain open. These include:
• grocery stores including all food and beverage stores
• pharmacies
• convenience stores
• farmer’s markets
• gas stations
• restaurants/bars (but only for take-out/delivery)
• hardware and building material stores
• trash and recycling collection, processing and disposal
• mail and shipping services
• laundromats/dry cleaning
• building cleaning and maintenance
• child care services
• auto repair
• warehouse/distribution and fulfillment
• funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries
• storage for essential businesses
• animal shelters or animal care or management

The Town is fully compliant with the order to have 100% of employees deemed non-essential working from home.

Highway, Sewer, Parks and Maintenance Departments continue with their work. We’ve broken up the crews into small units that are sited separately from each other. These units consist of people who had been working together already. Smaller units mitigate risk of contagion among employees. Until further notice, road repairs proceed, sidewalk construction continues and leaf and yard debris collection continues. Soon you’ll receive the Town’s annual mailing showing the pickup schedule for 2020.

We’re prepared to handle problems caused by high winds tonight.
The Town Clerk’s office is maintaining regular hours. You can pay taxes by mail or by using the drop slot immediately to the right of the front door of Town Hall. You can conduct all other business with the Clerk’s office by phone. The number is 248-6210.

We’re working with our Senior Center, the Pittsford Food Cupboard, Pittsford Youth Services, The Highlands, Cloverwood and Heather Heights to distribute hand sanitizer obtained from the State and to help in other ways.

If you have a friend or neighbor who’s vulnerable in one way or another or who you think might benefit from some help, please call them to see what you can do. What we’re hearing at Town Hall about neighbors helping neighbors speaks highly of the kind of town we are.

The advice and direction we’ve been receiving from Governor Cuomo and County Executive Bello and their staffs have been exemplary. A tremendous help to us all. I thank them both.

Wash your hands.

Stay home.
Stay well.

Update from Supervisor Bill Smith - 3/18/20

THE CURENT SITUATION: Wednesday, March 18, 5:45pm
In accordance with Governor Cuomo’s communication to municipal leaders, effective at the end of the day today, Wednesday, the Town of Pittsford has reduced its on-site workforce by more than the 50% level urged by the Governor. Some continue to work, from home.

To date it has not been necessary to reduce staff in the operational departments of our Department of Public Works. The Highway Department, Parks Department, Sewer Department and Maintenance Department are fully staffed and are providing the services you expect from them. You should know that we have put measures into place to protect these employees as much as possible from risk of contagion. We’ve broken them up into small working groups and each group has its own headquarters in a separate building from the others.

For Town staff who now won't be reporting to work as usual, we’ve taken pains to adopt policies to mitigate the burden on their lives to the extent possible.

You know as well as I do that the situation changes every day, and rapidly. I'll keep you updated.

For now, stay well. Stay home.

If you have neighbors or friends who are vulnerable in one way or another or who you think may need a bit of help in this situation, please give them a call to see what you can do. But I know I don't need to tell you this. It's the Pittsford way.

Update from Town Supervisor Bill Smith - Monday, 3/16/20


Out of consideration for public safety and following recommendations from the Monroe County Department of Public Health and the Governor’s Office, Pittsford Town Hall will be closed to the public effective immediately. We are staffed to handle business online and by mail, phone, email and the “drop slot” by the front door of Town Hall. Taxes can be paid by mail or by using the drop slot.

Town Hall will be open to Pittsford residents who wish to attend the Town Board meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17, at 6:00pm.

Town Clerk’s Office:
All services of the Town Clerk are available online, by mail, phone and email. If necessary, an appointment can be arranged. You’ll find information on the Town Clerk’s web page at You may contact the Town Clerk’s office by phone at 248-6214 and by email at

Building Department:
If you require an exterior building inspection or a permit for new construction, you can arrange either by appointment; call the Building Department at 248-6250. Interior inspections and permits for occupied homes are suspended until further notice.

Public Works – Highway, Sewer and Parks Departments:
All operations of the Highway Department, the Sewer Department and the Parks Department continue as before. Crews in these departments are following new protocols in light of the COVID-19 threat. You will shortly receive our annual mailer about yard debris and leaf collection.

Town Court:
By order of the Chief Administrative Judge of the State of New York, Town Court will be closed until further notice, effective from 5:00pm today, Monday, March 16. By order of the Chief Judge, neither judges nor staff may report to work after today.

Library and Community Center:
As a reminder, the Pittsford Community Library and the Spiegel Community Center are closed until further notice.

Monroe County Services:
As a further reminder, the County has suspended until further notice Mobile DMV service at Pittsford Town Court and Passport Services at Town Hall. We’re a strong community. We’re all pulling together to get past the current situation. If I can be of help, please phone me at 248-6220 or contact me by email at We can all do our part. The most important thing for you to do is to just stay home.

A Message from the Supervisor - 3/12/20

Fellow Pittsford Residents:

I want to give you all a status report on the Town’s efforts in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.  First, you should know that as we proceed, we’re erring on the side of caution.  Based on the information available, the crisis is real.  It’s spreading in the U.S. and in New York.  As a result, we’re reviewing plans continually.  As the situation changes, we’re poised and ready to adapt plans and procedures accordingly.
Since early this week, various members of my senior staff, our Emergency Management Coordinator and I have been conferring as we’ve monitored advice and information on COVID-19 from County, State and Federal health agencies as more has become available.  This morning we held an Emergency Preparedness meeting with all Town Department Heads, the Emergency Management Coordinator, the Head of Building Maintenance, Village Mayor Bob Corby and the Village Clerk.  The purpose was to review and discuss instructions to employees, and to review and discuss the draft response plans for coping with the COVID-19 threat and preparing for it.

We’ve completed this revision and are implementing the Plan’s provisions immediately.   You can view it below. Please take a look at the Plan, since it includes cancellations of programs and events starting right away.  Some of these may affect you and your family.

There is greater detail behind many of the points contained in the Plan and not all of this is necessarily stated in the document itself.

The Town and Village are working together closely on dealing with the COVID-19 threat.  As the Town and Village receive additional information from the Monroe County Department of Health, the State and the CDC, we will revise and augment this Plan accordingly.  As experience demonstrates in the past 24 hours alone, needs and plans can change from day to day or from hour to hour. 

Working together we can minimize risk for everyone.  Wishing good health to you all.

Bill Smith, Pittsford Town Supervisor

COVID-19 Coronavirus Information Links

COVID-19 Coronavirus Town of Pittsford Response Outline - click link for the PDF document or scroll below for text

Pittsford Central School District COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates

You can find information on COVID-19 coronavirus at the County Health Department’s website:
The CDC also has information on its website at
In addition, the CDC has information relevant to anyone planning to travel outside of the United States:

Town of Pittsford COVID-19 Coronavirus Response Outline

As of March 12, 2020

1) All Town Facilities

Heightened cleaning protocols

a) We have changed our cleaning solution to a hospital grade multi-use peroxide based cleaner that disinfects and kills germs on contact.
b) This product will be used on hard surfaces. Tables, railings, door knobs, countertops, chairs, bathroom fixtures, etc. will be cleaned daily. Many will be treated multiple times each day.
c) We have ordered and received a healthy supply of hand sanitizer, facial tissues, toilet paper, Lysol spray, paper towels and sanitary gloves.
d) Staff will be assisting cleaners by regular additional cleaning throughout the day. e)If the Town suspects an infected person has been on site in any Town building, we will close that building for 24 hours, for cleaning and sterilization.

General staff guidelines

a) Regular handwashing
b) Use of hand sanitizer
c) Use of sanitary gloves
d) Refrain from touching face, eyes and mouth
e) Refrain from sharing work area and/or phones
f) Practice good respiratory etiquette

2) Senior Programs and Community Center
a) Beginning Monday, March 16 and continuing through the end of March, all programs and facility reservations involving more than 50 people are cancelled. The after school program will continue as scheduled, unless all Pittsford schools close; in that case the after school program will be cancelled.
b) Monroe County Lunch Club 60 will continue as scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
c) Beginning Monday, March 16 and continuing through the end of March, Senior programs where we expect more than 15 people are canceled. These include: • Tuesday Lunches • Euchre Tournament • Balance Class • Senior Bus Trips
d) Anyone enrolled in a cancelled program will receive a refund. The same is true for cancelled lodge reservations.
e) If the Town suspects an infected person has been on site, we will close for 24 hours for cleaning and sterilization.
f) Heightened cleaning protocols and general staff guidelines as stated above
3) Library
a) This Sunday’s (3/15/20) String Chickens concert is cancelled.
b) Library staff and board are currently reviewing programs and events scheduled through March 31, for potential cancellation. The Library will announce any additional cancellations on Monday March 16.
c) Heightened cleaning protocols and general staff guidelines as stated above

4) Town Hall
a) Meetings of the Town Board, Planning Board, Zoning Board, Design Review and Historic Preservation Board and Environmental Board remain on schedule and will not be cancelled at this time.
b) Building Inspectors, the Fire Marshall and code compliance officers who normally enter residential and commercial properties will phone the resident or business owner prior to inspection, to confirm that anyone present on site is free from flu-like or respiratory symptoms. If someone on site is ill, the inspection will be rescheduled.
c) Heightened cleaning protocols and general staff guidelines as stated above.

5) Town Court
a) Town Court will remain open. At the security checkpoint, staff will look for visible signs of COVID-19 symptoms in visitors to the Court. If necessary and justified, court dates for those showing signs of illness will be rescheduled.
b) Heightened cleaning protocols and general staff guidelines as stated above.

6) Department of Public Works
a) Public Works staff have been advised to keeping vehicles and work areas clean and disinfected.
b) Heightened cleaning protocols and general staff guidelines as stated above.
7) County facilities in Pittsford:
The County Clerk's Office has cancelled Mobile DMV service through March 31. This means that Mobile DMV service in Pittsford on Fridays will not be provided through the end of the month.  

The steps outlined above do not include all of the steps the Town is taking. As we receive additional information from the Monroe County Department of Health, the State and the CDC, we will revise and augment this plan accordingly.