Town's Comprehensive Plan due for an update

Municipal planning is a process by which a community acts to take charge of its future. The key purpose of municipal planning is to provide communitydecision-makers a frame of reference for their actions. Thus, the process is a continuing one that fosters rational decision-making by the Town Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board. 

A Comprehensive Plan establishes a clear vision of the kind of place a community wants to be in the future, and provides a course of action to create this shared vision. The plans, created by residents, property owners and business owners with the assistance of the staff and volunteers, serve as a policy guide on how the town is to develop over time.

The Town of Pittsford has had a series of these plans beginning with the first Comprehensive Plan in 1975, which was updated in 1986 and again in 1995. (To view a pdf file of the 1995 Comprehensive Plan click here.)

The time has come to once again look at updating our Comprehensive Plan. To accomplish this we are seeking your input on a vision for Pittsford's future. We invite you to attend one of the upcoming meetings in January and February. Click for full schedule.

(NOTE: If you are unable to attend the kick-off or one of the subsequent meetings and would like to be involved in the next round of discussions, please call 248-6220 or e-mail Bill Carpenter by clicking here.)


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