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Community Choice Aggregation in Pittsford

On April 18, 2018 the Pittsford Town Board held a public information meeting about Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) - an option for alternative electric power for residents in the Town of Pittsford. Members of the Pittsford Village Board were also invited to attend. The Town Board invited two potential CCA program brokers/administrators to make presentations - Joule Assetts with the Rochester People's Climate Coalition, and Good Energy. The presentations were followed by questions for the presenters from elected officials and the public. Below are links to the materials presented at the meeting by the potential CCA program brokers/administrators.

Pittsford has an opportunity to change the source of electric power for its residents, in a way that offers the promise of providing clean electric power to the residents of the Town. At least one potential provider claims to be able to provide 100% sustainably-sourced electricity at a lower cost than the utility rate. The Town administration has begun a public dialogue on this subject with our information meeting held on April 18. If the Town chooses to move forward with a CCA program, residents who choose not to participate may opt out.

The Town government needs to answer two questions: Is CCA the right choice for Pittsford at this time? If so, who do we choose as a third party administrator of the program? Answering these questions thoroughly will require substantial additional public dialogue and substantial due diligence on the part of Town government. We have made a beginning.

If you were unable to attend the initial public meeting, please see the links below to the presentations made by the potential CCA brokers/administrators. A recording of the meeting will also be available on demand via the TV-12 website and will run on the Town's TV-12 cable channel 1303. We will provide notice in the eNews and provide a link here once the video is available.

Joule Assets with Rochester People's Climate Coalition 
Good Energy


Meeting Notice for Public meeting April 18 on alternative electric power for Town residents
Learn about alternative electric power for residents of the TOWN OF PITTSFORD and share your ideas at a public meeting on Wednesday, April 18 at 6:00pm at Pittsford Sutherland High School Auditorium, 55 Sutherland Street.  Town Supervisor Bill Smith and the Pittsford Town Board have called a special meeting on the subject of Community Choice Aggregation (“CCA”) as an option for electric power for Pittsford residents, and have invited the Village Board to attend. 

CCA allows local governments to source energy on behalf of its residents by designating a default energy provider, with a goal of aggregating buying power to offer residents greener energy options or cost savings or both.  Please join us to learn more.

WE NEED YOU to be informed and to tell us what you think.  Offering Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) for energy use in Pittsford would affect every household. 

An electricity broker would negotiate on behalf of Pittsford and other participating local communities to leverage our purchase power to obtain cheaper or greener electricity, or both, for residents.  The selected electricity provider would become the default electric power supplier for the participating municipality.  The Town and Village governments would each have to make this determination separately.  Households not wishing to make a change could opt out at no cost.

Because such a program would affect every household, we seek substantial public input before making a decision to proceed. 

The meeting will feature presentations by two potential brokers/administrators for a CCA program, followed by questions for them from elected officials and the public.  The presentations will set forth for the public how CCA would work, and will help inform the judgment of the Town and Village Boards about whether to proceed and, if so, what broker/administrator to choose. 

We hope you will join us for this important public meeting.

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