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Community Survey Underway Through 5/20

April 17, 2019

The Town of Pittsford’s Community Survey is now underway. Those who pre-registered online should have received an email with their household’s participation code. The email notification includes a direct link to the survey. All others should have received their code via a postcard mailed to all homes. Please use your code to complete the survey online at  The code may be used by anyone in your household over age 18.  The survey will remain open through May 20, 2019.  If you have misplaced your participation code information, you can contact the survey consultant at or (585) 445-3888 x2.
In order to ensure that our survey was only completed by Pittsford residents, and to ensure the privacy of those completing the survey, our consultant has mailed to every household a unique code to be used when filling out the survey. This code can be used by anyone over 18 in your home. Please note this code will not be associated with survey responses. Because there is a private third party administering the survey, and based on the legally binding contract it has with the Town, survey results cannot be distributed back to the Town by singular address or unique code.
Online access to the survey will also be available at the Pittsford Community Library and the Spiegel Pittsford Community Center. Paper surveys, for those who don't have a computer or don't want to take the survey online, will be made available as well.
Your responses to the survey will be completely anonymous. This was one of the requirements that the Town insisted upon in selecting a consultant to do the survey. Complete anonymity for responses to the survey is critically important to residents feeling comfortable in telling us what they really think. Understanding what you really think is the whole point of the Community Survey.

We recognize that few people have the time, or often even the interest, to reach out to the Town government to express an opinion. This Community Survey will provide an easy opportunity to do so.

We hope you will set aside the 7-10 minutes needed to complete Town Community Survey. Your participation will help determine community priorities and aid us as we pursues continual improvement for our residents.